Wednesday, November 30, 2016

His & Hers Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffers aesop hand lotion f'lint lint roller lucy sui sf mugs

Stocking stuffers have always been a Christmas favorite of mine, even more so now that I'm older. My wish list of presents may have gotten shorter over the years but it's always fun to have a few small surprises to wake up to. My go-to stocking stuffers each year include lip balms, nail polishes, cool candy from the local mom & pop candy shop, and a box of my favorite tea. But this year, I've come across a few things that I've absolutely fallen in love with and would definitely recommend as unconventional but awesome stocking stuffers! 

First up are the Aesop hand lotions. Yes, these are very pricey for hand lotions but they smell good (for herbal scent lovers) and they work well, plus a little goes a long way. Aesop is an Australian brand, that doesn't test on animals (an absolute must for me) and they currently carry two hand lotions, the Reverence hand lotion (grey tube) and the Resurrection hand lotion (pink tube). The Reverence lotion scent is described on the tube to be of bergamot rind, vetiver root, and petitgrain while the Resurrection lotion scent is a clear citrus with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedarwood atlas. Both scents are suitable for men or women and both scents are very earthy, herbal, and natural. The Reverence scent is much more smokey and woodsy and makes for an unexpected, but great gift for any guy. Guys may not want to admit to it, but the skin on their hands, elbows, and knees do get dry and they will definitely thank you when they try this lotion and realize that it not only works, but will also leave them smelling like a guy. 

I love using the Reverence lotion at night because it contains lactic acid for light exfoliation and I find it to be more moisturizing than the Resurrection lotion. I keep Resurrection in my handbag for daytime use because the citrus scent is a great pick me up during the day. Plus the scent is lighter and fresher (but still natural and herbal) which I find to be more appropriate for professional settings. 

stocking stuffers aesop hand lotion f'lint lint roller lucy sui sf mugs

My next stocking stuffer pick is the f'lint lint roller. I LOVE this product. L.O.V.E. it. I discovered it completely randomly when I was at my local Pharmaca Pharmacy picking up another item. I work in a very professional setting, I wear a lot of black, and I have a cat who knows no end to shedding. I always carry a travel sized lint roller in my bag because I have to lint roll every morning and sometimes even when I get out of the car, because there is just that much fur everywhere. The problem was that whenever I peeled off a used stick paper and stuck the lint roller back into my bag, the new sticky paper would be half dirty before I even got around to using it. Enter, f'lint lint roller, a twist up lint roller for easy, effective lint rolling on the go. It's the size of your phone, it keeps the sticky paper clean when not being used, it's cute, and it retails for only $6.99 online at The Container Store (which you can easily find coupons for all the time!)

stocking stuffers aesop hand lotion f'lint lint roller lucy sui sf mugs

And for any environmental junkies like me, the best part is that it's refillable so that you don't have to toss the entire roller every time you finish a roll of sticky papers. You can purchase sticky paper refills which is easily replaced by popping off the top of the lint roller, taking off the old roll, slipping on the new roll, then popping the cap back on the end. It's basically like putting a new roll of toilet paper onto a toilet paper holder, but easier. Oh and did I mention that it comes in lots of colors (and metallics!) so you can definitely find one for every person on your gifting list, but my personal favorite is the rose gold :) 

stocking stuffers aesop hand lotion f'lint lint roller lucy sui sf mugs

My last stocking stuffer favorite of the year are the Lucy Sui SF 'His & Hers' and 'Mr & Mrs' mugs sets for the unmarried and married couples alike - 'His & Hers' mugs are pictured in the first photo and 'Mr & Mrs' mugs are pictured in the photo above. These are heavy duty camper mugs that hold a hefty 14 ounces of your favorite cold weather drink. The speckling on the mugs makes them feel festive and cozy while the hand-lettering is the special touch of a small business that can't be purchased at any big box retailer - perfect for the holiday season. 

I hope this post gave you a few ideas for your own stocking stuffers this Christmas season! 


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