Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Travel Series Outfit Inspiration: Venice, Italy #1

If you follow me on instagram @dailydisguise then you know that Andrew & I have been in Europe for the last few weeks. Our trip started in Italy, ended in Greece, and was amazing from beginning to end. For the next few weeks I'll be posting about my outfits while in Europe and highlights of our trip!

I always travel as light as possible so the above is all I packed for a 2 week Europe adventure and it was more than enough. I normally wouldn't bring boots on a Spring trip but there was heavy rain forecasted during our trip and there's nothing I hate more than exploring the city in wet shoes and socks. The first stop of my trip was beautiful Venice. We stayed at Hotel Arcadia and my new goal since seeing their interior decoration is to have a big beautiful glass chandelier in my house. 

Travel style tip: Bring one hat but different colored ribbons to save space! My hat originally comes with a blue/white stripe ribbon which was perfect for Greece but not so perfect for the outfits I had planned for Italy. So instead of bringing another hat, I just brought a black ribbon I got from a prior Jo Malone purchase and tied it around my hat for all of Italy!

My two favorite things about Venice: 1) you could look in almost any direction and find colorful flowers lining each window 2) I loved getting up at the crack of dawn and taking a walk around outside and seeing the streets filled with people walking to work or school. The only other method of transportation there is of course, water transportation. 

Location :: Venice, Italy

Blazer :: J. Crew Rhodes Blazer (similar here & here)
Shorts :: J. Crew Garden Short (similar here & here)
Hat :: Nordstrom Rack (similar herehere, & here)


  1. SO exciting! That red blazer is beyond stunning. Especially with that amazing backdrop!

  2. ooh goodness I am so jealous! hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. this red two piece ensemble is too cute! :)

    Metallic Paws

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  4. Venice looks beautiful! It's definitely high up on my list, I just came back from Milan and can't wait to return to Italy


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