Monday, January 12, 2015

A New Year With Progresso™ Light Soups

It’s only a few days into 2015, but I can confidently say I have kept up with all my New Year’s resolutions so far! Yes, it’s not much of an achievement yet but I’m already looking and feeling better inside and out. I wanted to gear most of my resolutions toward living a healthier life starting this New Year, and that’s why I've partnered with ProgressoTM to share with you some of my tips & tricks for looking and feeling better this year.

Tip 1: Drink 64 oz of water daily.

There’s no doubt that drinking water is good for you, but with everyone’s busy schedules, it can be difficult to make sure you’re consuming enough. When I’m properly hydrated, my skin feels much better and less dry, I feel healthier and more lively, and for some reason it also helps me stay away from fried and junk foods. Maybe drinking water makes me aware of what I’m putting in my body? Whatever it is, it seems to be working so far!

Feeling better on the inside also makes me feel better on the outside. Whether I’m dressed for a day at the office or out shopping, I’ll feel confident and ready to take on any challenge.

Tip 2: Go to sleep earlier.

This can be a very difficult one to keep especially if work gets a little busy, but I’m definitely trying my hardest. Beauty sleep is a real thing, and when you get enough hours of sleep, you’ll not only feel better but you’ll notice your skin and hair will do much better throughout the day as well. Also, when I get enough sleep, I don’t feel the need to take afternoon naps which means I can get more done during the day so I can relax in the evening.

And you can bet if I’m running around in these cute heels all day, I’ll need all the energy I can get. 7-8 hours of sleep per night is what I’m ideally aiming for.

Tip 3: Eat healthier.

I’m sure this is on a majority of people’s resolutions, and for good reason too. I've always found that my mental and emotional energy is most often directly tied to my physical energy. When my body is feeling better, I feel like I have more energy and confidence to take on the world - whether it’s meeting with a client or searching for the perfect blazer, I’m ready for it all! I've started incorporating a few ProgressoTM Light soups into my daily meals and it’s definitely helping – their soups are better for you and a healthier option to things like greasy fries.

ProgressoTM Light has over 40 flavors to choose from so my options are more than enough for each day. Another great thing is that I can still indulge in flavors like bacon, cheese, alfredo, etc. without all the guilt since each soup is 100 calories or less per serving!

Hopefully my New Year’s tips and tricks can help you look and feel better for 2015 – it’s definitely been working for me so far!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Progresso™ through their partnership POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Progresso™, all opinions are my own.


  1. These are great tips! I've really been trying to drink a ton of water. The only downside to that is I have to pee more. lol. I love your outfit! Your heels are gorgeous!

  2. I have been doing all of these for week now and down 3.6 pounds

  3. nice style.. ;_)


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  4. Omg your shoes are super adorable love them!

    XOXO Emilie

  5. I personally love the pop of color that the shoes give!

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    Great outfits! xx

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