Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A New Year With Gloria Ferrer

With this year coming to an end and work naturally becoming slower during the holidays, I've had some time to reflect on everything that I've been so lucky to be a part of. From working on current businesses to exploring new opportunities, the end of the year always calls for a special celebration. Thanks to Gloria Ferrer, I was able to host a wonderful year-end celebration with some of my closest friends and family.

The party consisted of light finger foods and multiple bottles of Gloria Ferrer Sparkling Wine. From their 2006 Royal Cuvee to the Blanc de Blancs, each type of sparkling wine had it's own unique flavors. Of the 6 different bottles offered, the Sonoma Brut was definitely a fruitier sparking wine, with hints of citrus and apple - I could definitely imagine drinking this with white meats and shellfish.

However, my favorite by far was the 2006 Royal Cuvee. With hints of pears, apples, and lemons mixed with butterscotch and almonds, this was the perfect sparkling wine to go with the fried calamari snack.

This little gathering was definitely more memorable than other small parties and hangouts I've hosted in the past. Not only did my close friends attend, some relatives of mine that I had not seen for a very long time were able to come out and celebrate the year with me! Family will always be family, and even though I had not seen some of my cousins for over 5 years, we immediately picked up where we left off, laughing and reminiscing about the good days.

Here are some of my personal tips for a successful party:

1) Always have more than enough food & drink - the only thing worse than having too much is having too little.
2) Use a serving tray to keep your drinks organized. Plus, it urges people to put their drinks on the tray avoiding any spills.
3) Keep track of each person's drinking glass! I used these slotted corks to write peoples names and place in front of their drinks.
4) Some hot and cold snacks provide a nice variety and contrast to each other.
5) Surround yourself with good company.

Here's to the end of an awesome year and the beginning of an even better one!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Gloria Ferrer. While I was compensated by Gloria Ferrer to write this post, all opinions are my own.