Monday, October 13, 2014

Open Enrollment with Aflac :: A Brand New You

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With the cold season coming up, I always try to bundle up a little more to make sure I don't catch a cold or get sick. But for some reason, no matter how hard I try, I always end up catching at least a small cough or runny nose. For more serious matters, good financial planning and saving for health care will prove advantageous in both the short and long term.

According to a survey, over 75 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and are essentially one emergency situation away from financial disaster. That's why planning out your healthcare finances is very important! To find more information about what it means to be "One Emergency Away From Financial Disaster", check out this article on Aflac's blog:

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If you're part of the millennial generation, you may want to pay extra attention since you have so much to offer the workplace yet are at a greater financial disadvantage than other generations prior. In addition to student loan debts, part of your financial planning needs to include healthcare and health insurance - just one missed payment can impact your credit score eek!

A few tips I followed when I chose my health insurance plan:

1) Familiarize yourself with industry terms such as co-pay, deductible, network providers, etc. so that nothing catches you off guard when it comes to payment or selecting a doctor.

2) Consider factors such as how often you normally visit the doctor and whether you think these visits will increase or decrease over time - this will impact the type of co-pay/deductible plan you may choose.

3) Read and understand everything in your policy, and don't be afraid to ask!

4) Need more information about open enrollment? Visit Aflac and read the Aflac WorkForces Report.

5) Aflac offers accident, dental, life, vision, cancer, hospital intensive care, and more voluntary insurance policies, so they are a pretty good resource to find out more information about your health and what the best health insurance policy would be.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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