Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring In Tractr :: THREE Night Owl

Work has had my schedule completely packed the last few weeks, so apologies for the infrequent posts! Starting next week, however, my series will return to a regular schedule. Stressful work weeks like the last couple always put me in the mood to go out Friday night, and what better way to rock the town in some white jeans!

Sometimes white can be a little too plain even with the distress, so I'll always opt for a more colorful top. I love the fit and feel of this Calypso St. Barth for Target top - the tiedyeish print along with the patterned cutout upper area gives this top the perfect amount of color and style.

I know it's only Monday, but a girl can dream about the weekend right?

Thanks again to Tractr Jeans for this series - Be sure to visit their site and browse their latest collection!


  1. What a great outfit! I really love that top. It looks great.

  2. Very pretty outfit! You look beautiful and I'm loving your top!