Monday, May 5, 2014

Sanuk :: Never An Uncomfortable Moment

Finding time to exercise and stay fit, while working long hours day in and day out, is always a challenge. While I encounter plenty of awkward and uncomfortable moments throughout the day and I am perfectly fine dealing with these emotionally uncomfortable encounters, nothing affects me more than being physically uncomfortable.

After considering a few different types of exercise options, I settled on a month-long trial to a local Bikram yoga studio. While I have practiced traditional yoga, nothing had prepared me for the intensity of the extreme heat. Imagine a room heated to roughly 110 degrees and filled with sweaty people - I felt uncomfortable through almost all of my senses mainly touch and smell.

After going the first week or so, I wanted to quit because everything just felt so uncomfortable. My body wasn't adapting to the heat like everyone said it would, and I found myself anxious whenever 6:00 p.m. would roll around because that would be my queue to leave the office for the yoga studio. But why don't I just stop going? The thought had crossed my mind, but I had paid for a one-month membership already! And that's when I remembered something that someone had said a long time ago: "Yoga is about the body, but more so about the mind."

I realized that my physical discomfort was affecting my mental & emotional comfort, which meant that my mental & emotional state could potentially affect my physical comfort for the better. I started taking time before and after yoga to clear my mind and relax my emotions - stresses that would have been on my mind before were completely gone and instead I was focused on controlling my mind and my body. Slowly but surely, the physical discomfort I was feeling the first week or so had slowly started to fade and I could feel myself feeling more and more excited to go to my Bikram yoga class everyday. 

And now, months after I started this journey, I am completely comfortable every time 6:00 p.m. rolls around. I feel myself emotionally prepared prior to my yoga classes, and in turn I feel physically comfortable even if the yoga room becomes extra hot once in a while. I can safely say that I've 'owned' this uncomfortable moment and will be looking forward to trying new things, even if they are initially out of my comfort zone!

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  1. Love your bag!! It is soa cute :)


  2. It's super hard to exercise after work. You've been under so much stress whole day and after that instead of going home, you push your body to the limit. You're a bad ass for finding your inner peace and comfort and exercising after work, you go girl! :D

  3. nice style!! ; ]


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  4. This is such a great look for a brunch date with friends! Love your blush sweater and your flats are uber feminine and chic! Lovely styling - you nailed it!

  5. Such a nice look :) Simple and chic<3 Yoga is a wonderful exercise, especially when you can keep your mind and body relaxed. I remember practicing yoga before and it was surely difficult and uncomfortable when I was uncomfortable with the setting and learning style, but we changed instructors and we had the lights off, with the light shining on the instructor who spoke calmly. I really enjoyed yoga :) It's great that you're finally getting your mind to peace! x

    Chic Nikkie

  6. These shoes are so adorable! I absolutely love Sanuk shoes they are so comfortable and have super cute designs!