Friday, May 23, 2014

Nair :: Reveal Your Best Self

With the summer fast approaching, the opportunity to bare your legs presents itself more and more frequently. Be it for a summer BBQ, a day out shopping, or even a night out with your gal pals, your legs will make an appearance in public more often than you think! Thanks to Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Shower Power Cream, I'll have confidence showing off my glowing & radiant smooth skin and legs this summer!

Aside from all the great summer events to attend, think of all the items you can confidently wear with smooth legs: shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, capris, and daisy dukes are just a few of the countless leg-baring articles of clothing.

The great thing about this rinseable cream by Nair is that it's super easy to use and doesn't involve any pain at all. I simply dispensed some of the cream onto a sponge (provided with your purchase) and covered the hair I wanted to remove evenly. Make sure you don't rub it in, and wait at least 1 minute before showering.

After hopping in the shower, you'll want to wait 2 more minutes before using the sponge to wipe off the cream. Rinse your silky, smooth legs and you'll be good to go for whatever summer event you have planned! 

This summer, don't be afraid to "Reveal Your Best Self" and be sure to tackle your legs with this painless method. Whether you're meeting with friends for a quick brunch, taking a shopping trip around town, or partying the night away, the opportunities to show off your smooth, silky legs are endless!

"Nair Like Never Before"

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