Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Making Memories Through Music

A few weeks ago on my drive back after work, I was listening to NPR my guilty pleasure and the show was discussing music and our ability to vividly recall events and specific details just from hearing a song that was playing during the event. In fact, some show contributors described being able to taste the food that they were eating while a memorable song was playing mind-boggling, I know.

Coincidentally, there still are a handful of songs that bring me back to a memorable, sunny day during my senior year of high school. This memory of my Senior Beach Trip sticks out to me for a few particular reasons: 1) It was the first semi-long distance trip that I was going on with Andrew (we've gone on debate trips many times throughout high school, but this was the first FUN trip), and 2) The music that we listened to on the school bus ride back.

Now that I think back on it, Andrew's playlist was exceptionally romantic, but it was high school times circa-2004 and everyone was all about Kci & Jojo or Brian McKnight. Even the school dances always ended with 'All My Life'! Extra points to you if you know which song I'm referring to.

Ten years later, I still have that very same CD that Andrew had made me although it's been upgraded to a digital playlist now, and hearing Andrew's playlist songs still brings me back to our high school days, particularly that one sunny day on our Senior Beach Trip.  

Curious as to which songs were on Andrew's playlist? Check out the playlist on Spotify!

So the next time you are out making memories with friends, be sure to pay attention to the music that you all are listening to or is playing in the background. Sharing music and playlists is as easy, if not more simple, than sharing photos - what a great way to revisit your memories with friends through music!

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  1. That is so true! Music always bring back memories. Love the color of your RM; I have one in yellow :)


  2. This tank is fabulous and you're totally rocking it! Love the print and you chose the perfect shorts to compliment it. Looking lovely and fierce :)

  3. I love your bright, cheerful outfit and look on such a sunny nice day! <3 And yesss, music always bring some sort of memory.. ugh, I remember when my Mom always drove me to school and we'd have the radio on.. now, whenever I hear those songs I cringe, thinking of those horrible days back then... yet there are always nice songs that bring nice memories :) New follower ! xx

    Chic Nikkie 

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  5. I love your colors! Hope you can check out my blog as well :) I have a new post on summer and spring fashion. :D