Sunday, February 23, 2014

Post-NYFW :: Bare Necessities

With New York Fashion Week 2014 well over, it's pretty safe to assume that everyone has settled back into their regular daily routines. While new trends and patterns & prints previewed the future of fashion, I took away a few products that are here to stay as my necessities, fashion week or not.

I've always been a huge fan of the eos Smooth Sphere Lip Balms for many reasons isn't it so cute?! With the plethora of flavors available, from summer fruit to sweet mint, you could bet I was quick to pick up one of these Blueberry Acai sphere balms. It's USDA-certified organic, 100% natural, ergonomic, recyclable, and available at your local Target for only $2.99!

Another eos product also caught my eye which I had always been meaning to try but never had the chance to. Their hand lotions are now a staple in my bag; the scents are delightfully fruity and left my hands hydrated minus all the grease. Be sure to visit your local Walgreens or Walmart and pick up your eos hand lotion!

When Andrew first heard about this brand, he was skeptical because of the name. After I told him it wasn't the Jack Black he was thinking of, he immediately started trying each one. With each and every one he tried, I could tell he was enjoying them more and more. After trying all three, he told me his clear cut winner: Natural Mint with Shea Butter. With SPF 25 and enriched with skin conditioners and antioxidants, Jack Black lip balms penetrate quickly and guards against windburn and extreme temperatures.

While I do love my eos spheres, these will stay in my bag in case I'm craving a different form of application or if Andrew is around!

You may or may not have heard of Japonesque, but if you haven't, I'm sure you'll hear it more and more in the upcoming months. This first thing that caught my eye about this finishing powder is the beautiful case it comes in - girly with pinks and purples, yet elegant and refined. This finishing powder kept my skin looking fresh and vibrant, even during chaotic and stressful times.

Japonesque's unique formula allows you to blend in seamlessly with skin and blur imperfections while avoiding the cake effect. Suitable for most skin tones, pick yours up today at your local Ulta store!

With what seems like every boutique store carrying these, I'm sure you've run across this during at least one of your shopping trips. At first I thought this kit was gimmicky, but of course I was judging a book by its cover cause I had never actually purchased and opened up one of these! Just so you know, there's literally something in here for each and every single one of your emergencies - items below!

tampon :: lip balm :: breath drops :: hair spray :: nail polish

advil :: bandage :: mint floss :: sewing kit :: nail file

polish remover :: stain remover :: deodorant :: shemergency tape

So there you have it, my post NYFW bare necessities - I hope this helps everyone to get some inspiration for your own bare necessities for every day life!