Friday, February 28, 2014

eraclea :: a new era in skincare

As you might know, I am currently participating in a year-long partnership with eraclea to feature and review their skincare line. For this month, I had the opportunity to try their 'smooth and firm' body sculpting cream and their 'extreme' body cream. Can you say perfect timing? This cold weather has been wreaking havoc on my skin!

Body sculpting cream :: Smooth and firm? Yes indeed! This body sculpting cream was designed with the healing properties of seaweed, herbal extracts, essential oils, moisturizers, and anti-oxidants. I followed the instructions and gently massaged the cream into my skin. This is supposed to help with your natural circulation for your lymphatic system. My dry skin did feel immediately softer and the cool feeling gives a nice healing effect for the cream. All in all I have to try this cream a few more times, but so far so good.

Body cream :: I have to admit that I have plenty of body creams and lotions, so when it comes to reviewing a new body cream, it does become harder and harder to notice the microscopic differences between brands. However, major benefits and effects I do not miss, and miss I did not. 

Example: After a long day of shopping this past weekend, my skin was dry, cracked, flaky, rough, you name it thanks cold wind. I normally have a set of creams on rotation, but unfortunately they were not with me at the time. Thankfully this body cream was in my trunk, and boy am I glad it was! Containing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba, and antioxidants, my skin felt quickly rejuvenated and hydrated and the pain of dry skin was not to be felt for the rest of the day.

Thank you to eraclea for this wonderful opportunity. Stay tuned for next month's product features!

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