Monday, February 10, 2014

4 Ways To Wear Valentine's Day :: ONE Casualite

Last year for the week of Valentine's Day, I posted a couple of different Valentine's looks, all pretty festive, girly, and pink. A lot of my friends weren't fans. I personally love hearts, pink, and more pink so I welcome February and Valentine's Day with open arms. But this year I decided to mix things up a little for all of you out there who aren't such big fans of Valentine's. This week, I'll be showing you all four of my looks that are Valentine's Day appropriate without screaming Valentine's Day. In fact, this first outfit is as pink as it gets!

This is an outfit that I actually wore during out shopping over the weekend! It's cozy, comfortable, girly, without being too festive. The light pink sweater has some flecks of black and grey so it tones down the pink. 

A cream colored furry vest and a dark brown bag are perfect complements to pink and slightly reminded me of white chocolate and dark chocolate! 

See, not too bad right?

sweater :: forever 21
skirt :: brandy melville
vest :: hm
purse :: coach


  1. So perfect! I love the entire look! So pretty!

  2. this outfit definitely is cozy and stylish! love how the pinks work together, you look lovely :) x