Wednesday, January 8, 2014

4 Ways To Wear Buffalo Check :: THREE Office Girl

Since I work now, a lot of my casual clothes that I've acquired in the past goes untouched during the week. With this in mind, whenever I add to my closet now, I prefer to pick pieces that could potentially be incorporated into my daily office attire!

This buffalo vest wasn't hard, surprisingly! When I saw it on the racks, I was able to come up with five different work outfits, but this one was one of my favorites!

To keep the buffalo check appropriate for work, I wanted to keep all the other colors neutral. So of course I went with the traditional black and white! 

On top I went with a simple white blouse with small black dots, and I emphasize small because anything larger than what my shirt has might clash with the buffalo check. And the great thing about going solid black on the bottom is that you can jazz it up by choosing either something with an interesting design (like I've done) or texture! It'll add to the look without making the outfit appear "too much" for work. 

Last step, shoes. Since my outfit is so black & white, I went a little crazy with the shoes. Black leopard print heels with patent accents. 

And that, is my buffalo check look for work!

shirt :: forever 21
skirt :: h&m
vest :: madewell
shoes :: kate spade


  1. super look ;))

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  2. I would have no idea how to pair buffalo check with anything! This look is surprisingly chic. Thanks for the ideas, and would love to see the other outfits you were thinking of!