Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Year's Eve :: ONE

I hope all of you are having a great holiday season so far! With the big night coming up in less than a week, I'm stuck in a dilemma between what event to attend and what outfit to wear help!

The first potential event is my good friend's roaring 20's themed party. I wouldn't want to go with the traditional flapper & gloves ensemble so instead I'm thinking about opting for this lacy ensemble.

It's somewhat conservative, yet glamorous and elegant. More importantly, it's comfortable and I'll be able to survive through the entire night.

A pair of gold-heeled patent flats need I say more?

And that's potential outfit #1 - Only five more days left to decide!


  1. I still nedd to think about what I'll be wearing...but I really like that dress! And your flats are really cute!

  2. cute outfit!! can't wait to see the other outfits!

  3. Loving this deep shade of blue. Looks very dark, but not black dark, so it's perfect :)

  4. great :-)

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  5. Umm, that dress is so gorgeous! I wish I owned it! And I love the gold heels on your shoes!