Monday, December 9, 2013

Holiday Style Guide With Shane Co.

I absolutely love this time of the year because with the holidays comes cold weather, and with cold weather come endless possibilities to play dress up. With so many different types of occasions to plan for, I've teamed up with Shane Co. to bring you my Holiday Style Guide, starting with holiday outerwear.

When I pick my holiday outerwear especially for super cold weather, I generally go for more neutral tones so that I can brightly and colorfully accessorize. A bright orange scarf with purple pants or a lime green necklace with hunter green jeans? Not a problem when I'm wearing a neutral coat or jacket.

In addition to bright and colorful accessories, a hint of metallic such as silver, gold, or rose gold pairs perfectly with a predominantly neutral outfit. Pictured above, the Capri Necklace sourced directly from Italy is available exclusively from Shane Co. You can even personalize your necklace with your initials or favorite saying! 

Stepping away from holiday outerwear leads us to holiday party wear! A colorful skirt paired with classic black tights and a pair of black heels or wedges is my go-to outfit whenever I need to look cute and girly but still conservative and professional. Since my skirt is so colorful, I'll usually go for something simple up top did someone say black and white? Dots or stripes, either is fine!

Classy, office party wear requires something equally as classy on the neckline and the ears. Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style! Shane Co. cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster, and the necklace and earring set above is sure to make more than one appearance above your shoulders.

Next up on this style guide is holiday office wear! This one is a fairly simple formula: a professional neckline, a long sleeved top, and something sequined & glittery. You'll be comfortable enough to move around in the office yet still be able to reflect your holiday spirit no pun intended.

You can pair your holiday office wear with these beautiful naturally mined sapphires hand-selected for their beauty and depth of color from Shane Co. - Something sparkly on your ears to match the sparkle in your outfit!

And finally one of my favorite colors of the holiday season which actually isn't even a color at all, white! Whether you're dressing for a day of fun and adventure or a romantic date night in the city, there's just something about wearing white during the winter.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.