Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Levi's Fall Collection :: TWO Trendsetter

Although Levi's is most famously known for their durable yet stylish denim wear, they also have an amazing selection of outerwear options that will keep you warm and trendy during this Fall season. With a plethora of prints, patterns, and materials to choose from, mixing them one of my favorite things to do was as easy as 1-2-3.

I already planned for a cold day weather forecast in the 50s! so I knew I would be covered from head to toe. It's always interesting to see how an outfit comes together, whether planning starts with a shirt and everything else styled around it, or a pair of booties and styled from the ground up literally.

For this outfit, I started with this button up from Levi's. The thing I love about this shirt and Levi's products in general is the attention to detail and design. At first glance it's your normal plaid shirt, but add a leather shoulder patch and all of a sudden it begins to hold its own weight.

Since the shirt has colorful greens and purples, I decided to pair a neutral-colored jacket to avoid looking like a decorated Holiday tree.

Purple corduroy skinnies to complement the purple in the shirt, and last but not least a pair of classic, cognac booties to round everything out.

Outfit planning, complete! Come back tomorrow for part 3 of this Levi's Fall Collection series.

shirt :: levi's (similar here)