Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Levi's Fall Collection :: THREE Prepster

With the large amount of denim options that Levi's provides, from vests and chambray shirts to denim jackets and skinny jeans, mixing and matching from a handful of pieces to create multiple outfits is amazingly simple versatility at its best. Plus, denim pairs well with other prints and colors that it's easy to be your own fashionista!

Instead of dark on the inside and light on the outside like my first look, I decided to switch it up by styling this outfit with a light, chambray shirt and a simple denim vest.

A little too simple for my taste, so hello faux fur jacket and pink pants. There's the girly yet edgy that I'm looking for!

The faux fur jacket will keep you warm when it's cold, but when the temperature evens out, remove the jacket and the outfit will still hold its own.

And don't forget the sunglasses to add that extra bit of edginess. Part 4 tomorrow!

jeans :: levi's (similar here)


  1. oooh loving that fur leopard jacket! you look fab.. and nope, this outfit is definitely not simple with the hot pants and fur indeed!

    xo, Carla

  2. Nice combo, like the touch of leo print!