Friday, November 22, 2013

Levi's Fall Collection :: FIVE Night Owl

As the nights get colder and darker earlier thanks to daylight savings, it becomes harder to stay warm and look cute while going out for dinner or grabbing that week-ending drink. Thanks to Levi's, the process of planning my night owl look is made much simpler. With their great selection of shirts, tops, and outerwear, looking cute and staying warm has never been easier.

I started with Levi's Tailored Western Shirt one of my favorite cuts in 'Snow Plaid Black'. The shirt actually is closer to a dark green than black, but nevertheless works perfectly for this fall/winter season. It's a bit casual for a night out, so I paired it with an extravagantly glam necklace. Go big or go home, Andrew always says.

Of course, I still wanted the outfit to be girly since I'm wearing this for a night out, so a longer tulle skirt adorned with a leopard print belt fit the bill.

And last but not least, a classic Levi's denim vest to stay warm throughout the night.

And there you have it! I hope you all enjoyed this series, and stay tuned in a few weeks for my Levi's Holiday Collection series. Chunky knit sweaters and holiday dresses, need I say more?



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