Friday, September 13, 2013

Welcoming Fall with G by GUESS :: FIVE Night Owl

Date nights and nights out can be hard to plan for when the temperature drops. In fact, I dread invitations to get dressed up at night when it's cold outside. What's come to save me on more than one night out occasion is a maxi dress or skirt. It keeps my legs warm and if things really get that chilly, I can always wear leggings underneath and no one would be the wiser, it's amazing. Staying warm on the bottom means that I'll be okay without a jacket to have to keep track of throughout the night! So if you don't have a maxi in your closet, go get one in preparation for cooler glam nights!

Since I keep the bottom long and covered, I prefer dresses with something interesting up top. I love this maxi dress from G by GUESS because of its unique cutouts in the back and the beautiful color. From the back, it almost reminds of Princess Jasmine's outfit. 

I chose to keep the accessories simple with good old black and gold, which looks beautiful against the minty toothpaste blue green!

And the best part is that you can recycle this dress over and over. Wear it during the day under a chunky cognac cardigan or sweater to keep warm and to tone down the color for Fall. This darker minty color looks great with blacks, cognac browns, oxbloods, and dark greens. It's a great way to add some bright to a darker cold weather look. 

For a night out, I'd opt for some sparkly flat sandals so that I can stay comfortable and cute. But for the day, I'd probably stick to some ankle booties to go with a sweater for a more casual vibe. Happy Friday!