Thursday, September 19, 2013

5 Ways To Wear The COACH Honey Bootie :: FOUR Prepster

coach honey bootie round four, preppy

The preppy look consisting of layers of shirts, sweaters, and outwear is always popular for Fall. Although I can never really figure out if my preppy outfit is the result of my intention or if it's the natural result of layers. Either way, I love a preppy look and the Coach Honey Bootie rival my beloved classic oxfords in the Fall. Not surprisingly, I've been choosing the Coach Honey Bootie everytime.

I love the Honey Booties for a variety of reasons, the classic shape, the chunky heel, the comfortable height, the quality leather, etc. you'll get my full opinion and review on Saturday! But what first caught my eye was the cutout detailing on the sides and the thoughtful leather zipper pull in the back. Although these are small details, it's these small thoughtful touches that makes the Honey Bootie stand out from other options. The cutout detailing really adds a special finishing touch to any look, especially a preppy look. 

So here we go, how I style the Coach Honey Bootie for a preppy outfit. 

To start, we've got the classic white collared shirt under a sweater. I decided on a graphic sweater because it keeps the whole look feeling young and cheerful which can be especially mood lifting when you've got dark skies, cold weather, and an overall darker outfit. For warmth with arm mobility, I choose a tweed printed vest note: a tweed or tweed printed vest is a definite cold weather wardrobe must have!

For a purse, the Coach City Bag in British Tan was the no thought required choice. It's classic, simple, and complements the darker colors of this outfit beautifully. Plus the british tan color really screams Fall in my opinion. 

And there you have it, my Coach Honey Bootie based preppy look! Stay tuned for my Friday night out look tomorrow!



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  2. Lovely ! I really like that sweater . :D

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