Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Goody Hair Tutorial

In warm weather, there’s really only two ways I like to wear my hair: in a messy bun or down with slight waves. Anything else just takes too much time and involves too much effort. Just in time, ‘U by Kotex’ and ‘Goody’ have partnered together for an amazing offer, only available at your local Target stores. 

Before you begin, you'll need some elastic hair ties. You can get a pack of free Goody hair elastics when you buy any 2 'U by Kotex' products, only at Target. Just text 'KOTEX' to 'TARGET' (or, 827438) and you'll receive your coupon, just like that!

What’s the downside of waving my hair? It normally involves some sort of heat styling product or sleeping with my hair in braids (which doesn't always turn out that great). However, my sister just taught me a new way of getting those subtle beach waves that everyone wants in the Summer and it’ll take you just a couple of minutes to achieve!

Make sure to look for the #UbyKotex black boxes to get your free #UbyKgoody hair ties for your chance to replicate this #hairtutorial.

The first thing you’ll want to do is separate your hair into 4 sections. I like to separate my hair into halves and then from there, into halves again. If you have a lot hair, you can of course separate your hair into more sections. 

Then, just take a few #UbyKgoody Hair Ties and tie them at different intervals which will create subtle natural waves in the morning. Of course, you can use these Goody Hair Ties for a traditional ponytail or bun, but I prefer to also use them to wave my hair as they are cute, colorful, and snag-free! Tie the hair ties tighter for a more defined wave and looser for a more natural subtle wave. 

The end result should look like this, scary I know. Luckily because you’ll be sleeping, no one will see you! And the great thing is you can do this with wet or dry hair. 

In the morning just take out the hair ties, comb through a couple of times to slightly loosen the waves, maybe spray some sea salt mist for texture, and you’re good to go! Simple and quick with some amazing results.

Make sure you take some ‘Goody’ hair elastics and maybe a few ‘U by Kotex’ tampons with you, just in case. Hope this #hairtutorial was helpful!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by U by Kotex via Style Coalition. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of U by Kotex.


  1. I did this when I had longer hair. Or I used to braid it in a big chunky braid and leave it for a night and in the morning I would look like a lion on meth :D