Thursday, July 25, 2013

Van Der Hagen Soaps

I'm not usually one for bar soaps, my shower routines generally consist of foaming body washes. However when I saw the colorful, clear bar soaps that Van Der Hagen had to offer, I have to admit, I was somewhat tempted to deviate from my usual preferences. So I did, I gave bar soaps a shot. I've been using these Van Der Hagen bar soaps for the past couple of weeks and I've been loving them! What do I love about them?

Well for starters, I love the clear quality of the soaps. It makes them look and feel clean, simple, and fresh. I also love that these soaps come in a variety of scents, there's something for everyone, including that someone who prefers unscented soaps both of which are pretty hard to come by. 

I also love the fact that these soaps are super gentle. One of the primary reasons why I prefer body washes to bar soaps is that soaps tend to leave my skin feeling stripped, tight, and much too squeaky. However these 10% pure glycerin soaps proved to be different from traditional soaps. After each shower, my skin is left clean but not stripped or dried out. 

Whether you're a body wash user or a loyal fan of soap, give Van Der Hagen soaps a try when you're looking for something different and fun for the shower! Even if you decide once again that bar soap just isn't for you, at least you'll have something that's great for removing all that Summer sand and chlorine! 

Check out Van Der Hagen soaps here!

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