Tuesday, January 8, 2013

5 Ways To Wear A Denim Dress :: TWO Stripes & Denim

chambray dress featuring it's best friends: cargo jacket, stripes, and red belt

Episode two of this denim dress series features a more layered look - warm, but still comfy and soft. Comfy and soft, yes, that's why I chose a denim dress as the first item to style in this new series. Denim shirts are definitely one of my and a lot of others people's staple items, but we often overlook denim shirt's girlfriend, its better half, the denim dress. It's easy, easily stylish, versatile, and oh did I mention comfy & soft? It's one of those items that can be a bit tough to style at first because you can't afford to risk looking like a character from a bad western, but once you've got the hang, you'll opt for it over your faded-from-wear black leggings. 

Oh hi there plain denim dress, so good to see you again. 

Add in your stripes. Stripes and denim always make a great pair. If you opt for classic neutral-colored stripes, finish the look with colorful accessories. If you decide to go for colorful stripes, stick with neutral accessories to avoid looking like one of those huge, round, multicolored Disneyland lollipops. If you don't have a striped shirt, you can also just pull a striped skirt over the dress instead. This gives the same stripe & denim effect, just upside down - but hey there's nothing wrong with another perspective. 

A small yet outfit-changing touch is the ankle sock. I love to add socks to a lace up bootie or oxfords. Like I said, it's a small detail, but I think it makes all the difference in the world. It leaves your shoes looking a little less naked and a little more cozy. 

Now for the icing on the cake, accessories. Layers keep you warm but if you're not careful, you could easily end up as the abominable snowman a total fashion no. Since my striped shirt destroys what little figure I had to begin with, a belt is the perfect solution to bring my natural waistline back out. And because I went with classic white navy stripes, a brighter red belt seems like the only option plus how can you deny the red navy combo? And don't forget to add just a small necklace nothing too big otherwise it might be too much with the stripes to fill the emptiness on top. 

You could actually stop the outfit here, but since it's the dead of winter let's add one more layer for good measure. 

Throw on a jacket cargo to keep it casual, grab a colorful purse, and you're ready to go. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. 

But wait, don't forget, won't forget, can't forget the red bow. 

dress :: levi's (similar)
striped shirt :: banana republic (similar)
belt :: forever 21 (similar)
purse :: chanel
necklace :: forever 21 (similar)
jacket :: old navy (similar)


  1. Love your dress <3 You've paired up denims & stripes so well!

  2. amazing!

  3. I love your hair and the shoes. The blue dress with red hair ornament goes perfectly. And it looks so cute.

  4. Sooo cute!! I love this one! :) Can't wait to see the rest of the ways you style it :)

  5. fine jacket ;)))

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  6. Love the bow in your hair!


  7. Ohh, I really like this look especially because of the bow and the striped shirt you put over the dress!

    The Weekend Diary

  8. I completely agree about adding socks to oxfords or ankle boots... it really makes them look cute!!


  9. Love the idea to pull over a sweater! You look great!

  10. a great way to use layers and look great! x


  11. Love how you styled this piece by piece.

    The Neon Factor ☠

  12. LOVE the idea of layering a sweater over a dress like this! You did a fabulous job styling this whole outfit and you've inspired me! That red bow is so charming too :) You're giving me wonderful ideas!

  13. Love love love your jacket!
    Such a great buy.

    Check out my blog and hopefully we can follow one another :D

    Kenneillia M.

  14. you look adorable in that denim dress and the red bow is super cute :)

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  16. Love the styles a lot, those are really beautiful and well matching to you.