Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Channeling Six :: Free Firmoo Glasses

sunglasses :: c/o firmoo
shirt :: forever 21 (very similar)
skirt :: forever 21 box pleat skirt (similar)
socks :: forever 21

I know it's going to sound silly, but let's start this relationship right and just be honest. When I was a kid I used to always want glasses. Glasses, braces, a broken anything so I could tote an autograph-able cast around school. I tried everything my mom told me not to do in an effort to get a pair of plastic lined glass. 

I read in dim light, held books up to my nose, and even tried to squint on a regular basis just to try and get into the elusive, exclusive club then known as my sister's optometrist's office, of which my parents were the bouncers (and they say to make connections...). 

Much to my dismay, all I got from my tactics were annoyed parents who kept a closer eye on me when I did homework or was reading. The only thing I got out of the above wish list of three was braces, which didn't satisfy my attention-whoring needs in the slightest since I only had metal in my mouth for 9 months (sounds ridiculous doesn't it). 

My sister, on the other hand, got glasses (as I alluded to) and braces. Now I'm perfectly content with 20/20 vision but occasionally my 6 year-old self gets the better of me and I envy my sister's black rimmed peepers, wishing that I had a stylish pair of glasses to disguise myself in. 

The good thing about having a glasses-wearer (google it - the term exists) in the family is that they know where to get the best deals on glasses, so I wanted to share this limited deal with all my readers because who doesn't like free?! I certainly do, especially when I can satisfy my long dead childhood dream at no cost to myself. 

Firmoo, discovered by my sister, is an online optical store that carries prescription & non-prescription glasses & sunglasses. Firmoo carries high-quality, fashionable eyewear at extremely affordable prices. The best part is that Firmoo has just launched a program offering free eyewear to first time customers! Yes that's right, you can shop your little heart out, for free (what's the catch? you have to pay for shipping, which isn't that much)

Check here for details about the free glasses program!

You can pick a pair of:
1] prescription glasses (when was the last time you upgraded those bad boys for a more stylish look?)
2] prescription sunglasses (this is one of those items that you wish you had when you need them but are then too lazy to pursue after the fact)
3] non-prescription glasses (for all of us 20/20s out there who want to be like everyone else)
4] non-prescription sunglasses (I'm wearing one of the non-prescription sunglasses)

Firmoo-ing yet? Now run, don't walk, and go find the glasses that call your name. By the way, can you tell the subject of glasses channeled my inner 6 yr. old? (check the bambi pullover)


  1. yellow is the new black :D HAHA you look amazing and sweet , i love yellow !!!!

    1. oh your sunglasses are so nice !

      XX Luba
      Well Living BLog

  2. You look so pretty!


  3. oh yes, i love your outfit! and i'm following you now. :)

  4. You look so adorable! Love the bambi sweathshirt :)

  5. I LOVE that sweatshirt!!! It is sooo cute! :D
    And yep, I wanted all of that too and was the only one of my siblings to not get braces. and 2 out of 4 of us had glasses, ha ha ;)

  6. Adorable look!! I love the bambi sweatshirt!! :)

    xo - Sheila

  7. You look amazing! That skirt and the sweater look perfect together*
    xoxo, Chance to change

  8. um i feel like i need this entire outfit...especially that bambi pullover!!!
    brooke @ what2wear

  9. Aw your sweatshirt is so cute! Bambi is definitely one of my favourite Disney films. Love your whole outfit :) xxx

  10. Looks sooo cute with the yellow sun glasses and the yellow socks! Brightens up the whole outfit :D


  11. love those platform pumps with the leather skirt! <3


  12. Fabulous yellow frames! Loving them paired with the yellow ankle socks :) The Bambi sweatshirt/leather skirt combo are adorable!

  13. Great look - I love the glasses and the pullover. I wanted braces when I was younger, too. Then I got them . . . and had to wear them for 10 years! Not fun. But I got to wear colored rubber bands and that was pretty cool back then.

  14. That is too funny! I wanted all three of those things when I was little too :) I even knew what color I'd wanted my cast to be: neon pink. But luckily I never broke a bone...only fractured a pinky toe. LOL!

    Love this look. It is just darling form head to toe. The touches of neon are beyond perfect. And Bambi is the cutest Disney character EVER! Baby deer rock.

    xoxo Azu

  15. Yo look invredible! Love your sunnies!

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  17. hey girly! thanks so much! i'm following back on bloglovin :-)



  18. perfect combination of grey and yellow! great :)

  19. Lucy! If you wanted glasses so badly you should have done what I did-which by the way I didn't do because I wanted glasses, I was just a weird kid. So it's this-stare directly at the sun for a good 15 minutes. I'm not kidding. I did that.

    Ask me about it at work if you want to know the whole story,lol.

  20. Cute glasses! As a glasses-wearer, I confess I'm quite proud of my own, I think I look older and mysterious! So I totally get your point!

  21. So cute!
    And I love the sweater.


  22. awsome skirt, great socks, i like all the l;ook!
    Hugs, Lona

  23. I am following you now via bloglovin.
    I look forward to reading your future posts :)

  24. I like wearing glasses for fun, too. :D I also really like your Bambi sweater. ♥

  25. HOLY COW WHAT AN AMAZING DEAL... it can't be for real!!!! I'll have to check it out since I wear my glasses six days out of the week and would love to have a pair to switch things up with my regular ones :)
    And shame on you for trying to ruin your perfect vison, Lucy! Haha I can kind of understand the allure of wanting to be able to wear glasses but it's really just a pain in the a**; they are dirty constantly, get scratched, slide down your nose while you're reading, can cause acne where the bridge of the glasses and the nose rests are, etc etc etc. But my biggest thing is the fact that you can roll over in the middle of the night and see what time it is on an alarm clock... that would be an absolute dream *__*

  26. Great pullover! I like the little Bambie on it :)
    I am having my first GIVEAWAY in my blog and I wanted to invite you (and everybody) to take part in it :) It is easy :)
    xoxo, Press

  27. my darling you look adorable i love your blog i'm also following you with bloglovin,
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  28. Oh you look so sweet! Loved the shoes with these socks, it looks very chic ;)
    Thank you for your lovely comment again, and for following. I hope you will enjoy the new post as well. :)

  29. So sweet look :) I like the little Bambie on it :) Thank you for your lovely comment :) xoxo

  30. That's so awesome that you have 20/20 vision! I had to have laser surgery to get perfect vision. Love this sweatshirt and skirt together. So cute!


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  31. Cute sweater!

  32. loving that sweater! it looks great paired with the black leather skirt :)

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  33. I totally ADORE the socks and shoes you this great geek-chic style.

    <3 Cambria

  34. you chose such a fun pair of glasses!
    I can not say that I ever wished to wear glasses - and it was only a few years ago that I bought my first pair of sunglasses!
    (needless to say, i've now become addicted)

    Chic on the Cheap

  35. Wow. This sounds amazing. Thanks for the heads up. Cute socks, btw.

  36. Nice tip. I love your stories always and fun look girl!!

  37. cute post, and lovely outfit xxx

  38. I love your leather skirt! It's such a fun trend!


  39. Cute blog!! Thanks for the comment on mine, let me know if you start following me so I can follow you too ^_^


  40. Love the glasses - I'm waiting for mine shortly! Can't wait to see how they are!