Sunday, August 26, 2012

Skincare Sundays :: Smooth Smooch DIY

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This past week I finally had some time to grab dinner with a few old friends. We got to talking about skincare, makeup, etc. During our conversation the subject of lip scrubs came up and I was surprised by the amount of people that either don't use lip scrubs or have never even heard of it!

Lip scrubs are a staple in my medicine cabinet and even more so when the weather gets cold. I use a lip scrub about once or twice a week depending on how dry my lips are. It exfoliates the lips and is an absolute must for those who wear lipstick. Lip scrubs remove the dead skin on your lips, therefore allowing lipstick to glide on smoother. 

Most lip scrubs are sugar based and contain a bit of oil to help moisturize. Lip scrubs are very simple to use:  just put some on your finger, give your lips a good rub, and wipe off. You'll see that your lips will feel instantly softer and smoother. Make sure to put on some lip balm right away, otherwise your lips might feel dry after the exfoliation. 

Out of all the lip scrubs I've tried, my favorite is Lush Mint Julips. It smells and tastes (yes tastes! this lip scrub is edible!) like mint chocolate chip. But the reason why I like it is because unlike a lot of lip scrubs, it isn't oily (oily is bad because it gets all over my face & fingers) even though it contains jojoba oil. Plus, Lush Mint Julips freshens the breath and won't break the bank! 

Another great option is DIY! Lip scrubs are the easiest beauty product to make and the ingredients can probably be found in your kitchen! 

DIY #1 Honey Sugar Scrub

Materials: 1) one teaspoon honey 2) one teaspoon brown sugar 3) lip balm.

Directions: Mix the honey and brown sugar together to create a paste. Apply a nice thick coat to your lips and let it sit for about a minute. Begin gently scrubbing with your finger until all the dead skin on your lips have been buffed off. Wash off the scrub and apply your favorite balm to moisturize!

DIY #2 Extra Moisture Salt Scrub

Materials: 1) one teaspoon sea salt 2) one teaspoon coconut butter or coconut oil (available at Trader Joe's or your local health food store).

Directions: Mix the sea salt and coconut butter or oil together. Pat the mixture onto your lips and scrub in a circular motion until lips are smooth. Since this scrub contains coconut butter/oil, you don't have to follow immediately with a lip balm.

Let me know which one you like better! 


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