Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Haute Pink

nail polish :: orly beach cruiser
green drop necklace :: forever 21

It was so hot today and I wanted to just wear nothing, but obviously that would have been socially unacceptable, not to mention embarrassing. So I got as close to nothing as I could get (without making a fool of myself) with this open back tank that I picked up from Urban Outfitters two weeks ago. I love how it looks like a plain tank from the front but commands double-takes on the way out. And the color is the type of neutral that I'm always searching for. It's not your traditional neutral hue; it's a little grey, a little purple, and a little blue. It reminds me of those oh so popular purple greige nailpolishes, like Essie's Merino Cool. It's perfect and it pairs wonderfully with more colorful pieces, like my all-time favorite haute pink bdg jeans!



  1. love your sandals !

  2. great colorblocking. what a fab back detail of the tank...a nd those sandals are fab. great fashion blog! love that you're asian and love getting inspired from other bloggers. you have a new follower on both bloglovin and google--i'd be honored if you connect with me on both, too. i'd love to stay connected. :) keep up the great work, and have a great day!
    ADAM ❤ ALEX Mommy

  3. colorblocking! <3 you look so pretty! hope you can check out my blog, too!

  4. Luvv your top:)

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